Vineyard Bath for two

Side by side ritual, with the person of your choice, where you disconnect from the outside world and routine, enjoying a unique sensory journey for two.


Ayurvedic Massage as a massage technique aims to promote balance and dynamic connection between mind, body and spirit.

Refreshing Massage

Specially developed to relieve stress and muscle tension, using aromatic oils according to your concerns. This massage is based on a deep rhythmic pressure, which gives the body a vigorous muscular work.

Vineyard for Men

Deep back massage, helping to decompress muscles and release day-to-day stress. Followed by a hydrating and energizing facial treatment for stressed and fatigued skin.

Divine Chakra Massage

A relaxing full body massage with gentle strokes, using Frangipani Monoi oil, that restores physical and emotional balance, while hydrating your skin.

Stand Up Paddle

Discover the pleasure of cruising along the Douro River on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board, with the city of Peso da Régua as the backdrop. This program includes the passage through the three emblematic bridges of the Douro River, where after passing under the Miguel Torga bridge you can reach the mouth of the Corgo River.


Certainly, throughout history, many people, in groups or alone, have walked countless routes, for the simple pleasure of their senses or even out of necessity. Naturimont gives you the opportunity to walk along the slopes and farms of the Douro, enjoying a landscape that is unique in the world and classified as World Heritage.

Tour of the three Bridges

Discover the pleasure of canoeing on the Douro River having the city of Peso da Régua as a backdrop. This program includes the passage over the three emblematic bridges of Douro River, where after passing the Miguel Torga Bridge you can reach the mouth of Corgo River.

Mountain Bike Rides through the Vineyards

A ride along the old Régua/Lamego railway line, with a view of the Douro River and the town of Peso da Régua. On a mountain bike, you will enjoy the fresh air as you enter the typical Douro landscape through estates and vineyards, requiring some experience and dexterity to cover its dirt tracks and some more winding paths. The excitement and pleasure of a half day well spent are guaranteed.

DOC Restaurant

New techniques and approaches are constantly tested, resulting in surprising harmonizations, where the preservation of the original flavor of the food is always an objective.

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